Group photo in front of The Quadrangle at The University of Sydney, 31/03/2017. From left: Linkin Wu, Weijing Dai, Chongpu Zhai, Mojtaba Nazemi, Simon Shi, Simone Pupeschi, Marigrazia Moscardini, Yixiang Gan, Sharon Li, Yongmei Zhang, Yanyao Bao, Mingrui Dong, Noor Mohammad, and Guanzhe Cui.

15/02/2017: Research group and collaborators in a hexagonal packing, from @Sydney_Uni, @reachIITM, @ChinaTsinghua, @KITKarlsruhe and @TUBerlin.


Group members at Workshop on Advancing Experimental Geomechanics, Pokolbin NSW, 3/11/2016: From left: Ms Sharon Li, Dr Yixiang Gan, Mr Noor Mohammad, Mr Simon Shi, Mr Chongpu Zhai.


Dr Yixiang Gan and Professor Marc Kamlah (KIT) at The University of Sydney, 28/10/2016.


Group photo at School of Civil Engineering, Uni Sydney, 31/08/2016. From left: (1st row) Yanyao Bao, Weijing Dai, Yi Zhang, Yixiang Gan, Noor Mohammad; (2nd row) Chongpu Zhai, Mojtaba Nazemi, Simon Shi, Sharon Li, Linkin Wu.


Group photo after the ACCM 2015 conference dinner, 30/11/2015. From left: Weijing Dai, Abraham Kazzaz, Chongpu Zhai, Dongxin Liu, Yixiang Gan, Marigrazia Moscardini, Simone Pupeschi.


Group pizza night at Pizza Boccone, Kings Cross, 26/11/2015

2015_Gan_ZJU_Seminar.001Group photo collection in my talk in Zhejiang University, 28/10/2015.

Lunch at Sichuan RestaurantGroup Lunch, 27/07/2015.


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