PhD students

Mr Weijing Dai (2015-), Effective thermal conductivity of compacted granular media.

Mr Noor Mohammad (2016-), A thermo-hydro-mechanical model of healing in soils.

Mr Zhang (Simon) Shi (2016-), The micromechanics of partially saturated soils.

Mr Mojtaba Nazemi (2016-), The mechanics of degradation and healing in cemented granular materials.

Ms Yongmei Zhang (2017-), Crystal grain dynamics under surface treatment for severe plastic deformation.

Mr Zhongzheng Wang (2018-), Multiphase flow in porous media.

Master (by research) students

Mr Yanyao Bao (MPhil, 2016-), Numerical modelling of injectivity and storage capacity of carbon storage in saline aquifers.

Mr Nanwangzi (Linkin) Wu (MPhil, 2016-), Numerical modelling of geothermal foundations.

Mr Guanzhe Cui (MPhil, 2017-), Multiphase modelling of gravity-driven flow in unsaturated porous media.

Group photo in front of The Quadrangle at The University of Sydney, 31/03/2017. From left: Linkin Wu, Weijing Dai, Chongu Zhai, Mojtaba Nazemi, Simon Shi,Marigrazia Moscardini, Simone Pupeschi, Yixang Gan, Sharon Li, Yongmei Zhang, Yanyao Bao, Mingrui Dong, Noor Mohammad, and Guanzhe Cui.


Mr Chongpu Zhai (PhD, 2014-2017), Stress-dependent electrical conduction in granular materials.

Ms Shuoqi Li (MPhil, 2015-2017), The distribution of saturated clusters in wetted granular materials (Thesis). Currently at Soilsrock Engineering, Australia.

Ms Yi Zhang (MPhil, 2014-2016), Static and dynamic behaviour of inter-granular liquid bridges: hysteresis of contact angle and capillary forces (Thesis). Currently at Pells Sullivan Meynink (PSM), Australia.


Prof. Jean-Michel Pereira, ENPC, France (web).

Prof. Changqing Chen, Tsinghua University, China.

Prof. Ratna Kumar Annabattula, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Madras, India (web).

Prof. Marc Kamlah, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

Dr. Giang D Nguyen, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Dr. Dorian Hanaor, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Emmanuel Flores-Johnson, CONACYT – Unidad de Materiales, Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán, México.


Mr Simone Pupeschi (Oct-Dec 2015 and Jan-Apr 2017, PhD student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Mrs Marigrazia Mascardiniare (Oct-Dec 2015 and Jan-Apr 2017, PhD student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Mr Mingchao Liu (Jan-Jul 2015 and Jun-Dec 2017, PhD student, Tsinghua University)

Mr Oleg Birkholz (Oct-Dec 2016, PhD student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Ms Julia Ott (May-Jul 2013, PhD student, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)