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Paper online (Int J Mech Sci) on contact mechancis

Zhai, C., Hanaor, Gan, Y. (2017) Contact stiffness of multiscale surfaces by truncation analysis. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 131–132: 305–316. [DOI][PDF:048_IJMS_2017] Abstract: In this paper, we study the contact stiffness of a fractal rough surface compressed by a rigid flat plane. A numerical model based on the analysis of flat punch indentation is proposed for simulated hierarchical surfaces, […]

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Paper accepted (Powder Tech.) on packing structures

Title: X-ray tomography investigations of mono-sized sphere packing structures in cylindrical containers Author(s): Joerg Reimann, Jerome Vicente, Emmanuel Brun, Claudio Ferrero, Yixiang Gan, Alexander Rack Powder Technology, in press. [DOI] Abstract: The structure of mono-sized sphere packings (diameter d) in cylindrical containers (diameter D and height H) both with and without inner cylinders (diameter Di) […]

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Paper accepted (Fusion Eng. Des.) on effective thermal conductivity

Title: Influence of gas pressure on the effective thermal conductivity of ceramic breeder pebble beds Author(s): Weijing Dai, Simone Pupeschi, Dorian Hanaor, Yixiang Gan Fusion Engineering and Design, in press. [DOI][PDF:045_FED_2017] Figure: Gas pressure related size dependency of the contact units. Abstract: Lithium ceramics have been considered as tritium breeder materials in many proposed designs […]

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Paper accepted (PLOS ONE) on RC networks

Title: Universality of the Emergent Scaling in Finite Random Binary Percolation Networks Author(s): Chongpu Zhai, Dorian Hanaor, Yixiang Gan PLOS ONE, in press. [DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0172298] Figure: (Left) A lattice network containing randomly distributed resistors and capacitors; (Right) Normalised admittance module as a function of frequency. Full paper can be downloaded via Publications page.

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Paper online, TAML

Liu, M., Jin, P., Xu, Z., Hanaor, D.A.H., Gan, Y., Chen, C.Q. (2016)  Two-dimensional modeling of the self-limiting oxidation in silicon and tungsten nanowires. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters. in press. [DOI] Abstract: Self-limiting oxidation of nanowires has been previously described as a reaction- or diffusion-controlled process. In this letter, the concept of finite reactive region […]

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Accepted manuscripts

Last week, two manuscripts have been accepted by International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, respectively. [1] Flores-Johnson, E.A., Wang, S., Maggi, F., El Zein, A., Gan, Y., Nguyen, G.D., Shen, L. (2016) Discrete element simulation of dynamic behaviour of partially saturated sand. International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in […]

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Paper online, Int J. Engineering Science

Mingchao’s recent paper on pore-load modulus of coated porous media is now online. Liu, M., Zhang, Y., Wu, J., Gan, Y., Chen, C.Q. (2016) Analytical solutions for elastic response of coated mesoporous materials to pore pressure. International Journal of Engineering Science. 107:68-76. [DOI][PDF: 037_IJES_2016] Abstract Pore fluid adsorption-induced deformation of mesoporous materials is an important […]

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ACCM2015 conference papers online

In the Proceedings of ACCM2015: [1] Kazzaz, A., Einav, I., Proust, G., Gan, Y. (2016). Effect of ground mineralogy on energy pile performance in dense sand. The 2nd Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics (ACCM 2015), Switzerland: Scientific.Net. [PDF: AMM.846.325] [2] Dai, W., Gan, Y., Hanaor, D. (2016). Effective thermal conductivity of submicron powders: A numerical study. […]

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Papers accepted (EML, AIP advances, and NME)

[1] Chongpu Zhai, Dorian Hanaor, Gwénaëlle Proust, Laurence Brassart, Yixiang Gan (2016). Interfacial electro-mechanical behaviour at rough surfaces. Extreme Mechanics Letters. in press. DOI [2] Mingchao Liu, Jian Wu, Yixiang Gan, C.Q. Chen (2016). The pore-load modulus of ordered nanoporous materials with surface effects.  AIP Advances. in press. [3] Raghuram Karthik Desu, Yixiang Gan, Marc Kamlah, Ratna Kumar Annabattula (2016). […]

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Paper online: 3D Printable Geomaterials (Géotechnique)

D. HANAOR, Y. GAN, M. REVAY, D. AIREY and I. EINAV. 3D Printable Geomaterials. Géotechnique, in press. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1680/jgeot.15.P.034 Abstract: One of the many attributes of three-dimensional (3D) printing is the ability to produce particles with independent control of morphology and material properties, parameters that are inexorably entwined in naturally occurring geomaterials. In this paper the 3D printing of […]

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