Manuscripts accepted

Three manuscripts have been accept by Géotechnique, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, respectively.

(1) Dorian Hanaor, Yixiang Gan, Max Revay, David Airey, Itai Einav (2015). 3D Printable Geomaterials. Géotechnique (in press).

(2) Mingchao Liu, Yixiang Gan, Dorian Hanaor, Bin Liu, Changqing Chen (2015). An improved semi-analytical solution for stress at round-tip notches. Engineering Fracture Mechanics (in press).

(3) Chongpu Zhai, Yixiang Gan, Dorian Hanaor , Gwenaelle Proust, Delphine Retraint (2015). The role of surface structure in normal contact stiffness. Experimental Mechanics (in press).





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