Group photo in front of The Quadrangle at The University of Sydney, 28/05/2019. From left: (1st row) Noor Mohammad, Yongmei Zhang, Yixiang Gan, Weijing Dai, Verena Becker, (2nd row) Zhongzheng Wang, Yanyao Bao, Xu Wang, Deheng Wei, Jiarui Li, Mingrui Dong, (3rd row) Si, Suo, Peiji Deng, Jun Ma, Simon Shi.

Group photo in front of The Quadrangle at The University of Sydney, 31/03/2017. From left: Linkin Wu, Weijing Dai, Chongpu Zhai, Mojtaba Nazemi, Simon Shi, Simone Pupeschi, Marigrazia Moscardini, Yixiang Gan, Sharon Li, Yongmei Zhang, Yanyao Bao, Mingrui Dong, Noor Mohammad, and Guanzhe Cui.


Group members at Workshop on Advancing Experimental Geomechanics, Pokolbin NSW, 3/11/2016: From left: Ms Sharon Li, Dr Yixiang Gan, Mr Noor Mohammad, Mr Simon Shi, Mr Chongpu Zhai.


Dr Yixiang Gan and Professor Marc Kamlah (KIT) at The University of Sydney, 28/10/2016.


Group photo at School of Civil Engineering, Uni Sydney, 31/08/2016. From left: (1st row) Yanyao Bao, Weijing Dai, Yi Zhang, Yixiang Gan, Noor Mohammad; (2nd row) Chongpu Zhai, Mojtaba Nazemi, Simon Shi, Sharon Li, Linkin Wu.


Group photo after the ACCM 2015 conference dinner, 30/11/2015. From left: Weijing Dai, Abraham Kazzaz, Chongpu Zhai, Dongxin Liu, Yixiang Gan, Marigrazia Moscardini, Simone Pupeschi.


Group pizza night at Pizza Boccone, Kings Cross, 26/11/2015

Lunch at Sichuan RestaurantGroup Lunch, 27/07/2015.

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